CBD Edibles vs. Oil - What is Right For Me?

With so many CBD products on the market today, it can be tough to choose. While smoking CBD flower is preferable to some, others prefer to get their dose of cannabinoids by indulging in CBD edibles or oil.

Curious about the difference between CBD oil and edibles? Read on to learn more about which of these products will best suit your needs.

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are CBD-infused food and drink – and it’s easy to see why they’re budding in popularity. People are tired of the same old same, smoking flower and vaping cartridges to get a dose of CBD.

Instead, full-spectrum CBD edibles are becoming the go-to. Unlike THC edibles, foods with CBD won’t get you high.

While edibles made with full-spectrum CBD still have trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids, these snacks won’t produce psychoactive effects. With this being the case, these products are nothing like the overwhelmingly potent pot brownies your buddy might’ve made in college.

Benefits of CBD Edibles

So why is everyone so in love with CBD edibles? Well, for starters, everyone loves to eat.

Here are some benefits of choosing edibles as your go-to method for CBD consumption:

    • Lasts longer. The effects continue giving longer than expected. Since it takes a while to metabolize, you’ll continue experiencing the positive effects of CBD for hours as opposed to the quick effects of other methods.
    • Convenient, discrete dosing. The only way someone will know you’re taking CBD is if they read the label. Food looks like food, and you can devour your dose in peace without alerting anyone around you.
  • Storable for later consumption. The CBD shelf-life is excellent for distributors, but this also means you can put your edibles in a container and eat them later. While you probably shouldn’t wait months, it’s easy to pack it away for another day.
  • Tastes delicious. Who doesn’t love to eat, drink, and be merry? Food and drinks are even better when it’s for a positive influence on your health.
  • How Long Does it Take for CBD Edibles to Kick In?

    You’ll feel CBD tincture effects in around 15 minutes. However, CBD edibles effects can take between 30 minutes and two hours to feel.

    Several variables come into play when considering how long it takes to feel CBD gummies’ effects. For example, height and weight, activity level, and the food you ate before could impact how your body digests the edible.

    You won’t die from taking too much CBD. But you could experience some of CBD’s adverse side effects if you take too much.

    What Are the Side Effects of CBD Edibles?

    CBD edibles are relatively safe when you purchase from a reliable CBD source. While the side effects of CBD edibles could make you feel sick, you will not die from taking too much CBD.

    Can you overdose on CBD? Yes, but too much CBD won’t kill you. Some people experience several negative side effects of CBD, including headaches, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, dry mouth, or fatigue after consuming CBD edibles.

    If you experience any of these side effects from CBD, your dose might be too high. A light headache from taking CBD could mean you should try lowering your dose to see what happens. 

    If you don’t feel any different from a lower dose, CBD edibles might not be for you.

    Are CBD Edibles Legal?

    Is CBD illegal in food and drinks? No, for the most part, CBD edibles are legal in the US. 

    However, the federal THC limit for hemp plants the CBD comes from is a THC concentration lower than 0.3%. While there are states where CBD is illegal, the federal CBD legal status is still somewhat up in the air.

    Is CBD federally legal? Well, federally speaking, CBD in food and drinks isn’t legal. Even with this being the case, the majority (47) of states, including the District of Columbia, allow the sale and consumption of hemp-derived CBD edibles.

    What Kinds of CBD Edibles Can I Buy?

    Are there different kinds of CBD edibles? Yes.

    What types of CBD edibles are available? The possibilities are endless.

    Almost any food or drink can be infused with CBD. These are just some of the tasty types of CBD edibles you can purchase from Spensry:

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    What is CBD Oil?

    What is CBD oil made of? Well, for starters, CBD oil contains CBD – usually extracted from hemp. After the CBD is extracted from hemp, it’s diluted with another oil.

    The user places the desired dose underneath the tongue with a dropper. This allows for rapid absorption into the user’s bloodstream.

    Benefits of CBD Oil

    Considering CBD oil? Here are some benefits of oil to get your dose of cannabidiol:

    • Fast-acting. Direct CBD oil absorption into the bloodstream means you’ll usually feel it within 30 minutes or less. This method bypasses digestion, meaning the CBD won’t go to your liver for processing first.
    • Convenient. This method can be done anywhere. The dropper is usually rather small, making it convenient to carry in your pocket or handbag for use at a moment’s notice.
    • Easy to infuse in drinks and food. Many people add CBD oil to drinks. However, it’s also possible to find a CBD infused oil recipe online for anyone interested in cooking with CBD oils.

    Downsides of CBD Oil

    • Not discrete. Pulling out a dropper full of oil isn’t as discrete as eating an infused treat. With this being said, it’s always possible to go to the restroom to take a dose.

    • Dosing isn’t as easy. Edibles are already dosed. Using a dropper-full of CBD oil as a measurement for a CBD oil dosage isn’t as precise.

    • The taste. CBD oil isn’t anywhere near as tasty as an edible. While CBD taste isn’t a total deal-breaker, it’s something to consider.

    CBD Edibles vs. CBD Oil – Which is Better?

    Neither CBD edibles nor CBD oil is better than one another. Both of these CBD methods of ingestion have applications in which they’re ideal. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose – many CBD users have both on-hand.

    Edibles are better for people who want more drawn-out effects and prefer to eat something tasty. Oil is something you’ll prefer for fast-acting relief in a versatile product.

    Regardless of which you find is the most effective CBD method, it’s essential to have a CBD supplier you can trust. At Spensry, we work with doctors and certified product testing facilities to curate the best CBD products available.

    Whether it’s for you, your pets, or your loved ones, we hand-select the best products. Shop Spensry for quality CBD edibles, oil, and more.