Using CBD Oil For Anxiety

Can CBD oil help anxiety? We get asked this question all the time, and according to several studies — yes, it can.

While more research regarding CBD oil for anxiety is still necessary, we’re seeing a lot of evidence highlighting the idea that cannabidiol can offer relief from anxiety. In this article, we go over the anxiety symptoms CBD oil can help with and some studies are showing how this cannabinoid might help in reducing them.

Hemp Oil Versus CBD Oil For Anxiety

Unfortunately, some brands are misleading consumers into thinking their products have CBD. The truth of the matter is that hemp oil could contain trace amounts of CBD — but it’s also possible for these products to contain no CBD.

CBD oil is more expensive than hemp oil, and for a good reason. For example, CBD gummies for anxiety will have an appropriate CBD dosage for anxiety in milligrams. Comparing this to a gummy containing hemp oil, you’re not getting a real dose of CBD.

Hemp seed oil isn’t the same as CBD oil. Instead, it’s cannabis sativa seed oil that doesn’t come with the same benefits. If you’re purchasing CBD products for anxiety, make sure the packaging lists the number of milligrams you’re getting on the bottle. This is a common practice in the CBD industry and will ensure you’re purchasing the right products.

CBD Oil Treating Anxiety Studies

Even though some studies show that cannabis can aid with anxiety, other studies suggest that frequent cannabis users could be at risk for anxiety disorders and patients. What’s more, some studies state that patients with anxiety disorders are likely to consume cannabis.

For those considering managing anxiety with CBD, you should check research regarding cannabidiol as opposed to generalized medical cannabis studies. While the world is lacking studies specifically analyzing the efficacy of cannabidiol for treating anxiety, some promising preliminary research exists.

In 2010, a study showed us that CBD could decrease social anxiety symptoms in individuals who have social anxiety disorder. Conducting brain scans of the subjects showed that the CBD changed blood flow in the regions of the brain responsible for anxiety. During this study, the CBD actually changed the way the subjects’ brains responded to anxiety, effectively easing the symptoms of anxiety.

More recently, some research from 2014 revealed how CBD oil worked to relieve anxiety in an animal model. An analysis of several studies in 2015 showed CBD oil as a promising form of treatment for a variety of kinds of anxiety. These include panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Concluding On CBD Treating Anxiety

Although more research is essential to determine how CBD treats anxiety disorders, conducting more long-term studies will conclusively reveal how it can help. If you’ve not had luck with other treatments, CBD oil could work as an alternative to standardized treatments.

For those who are considering trying CBD for anxiety, discuss it with your doctor first. While the use of CBD is quite common, your doctor will know if it could be the right treatment for you.