cbd oil vaping

Vaping is nothing new, CBD vaping is currently trending and rising in popularity. 

While CBD tinctures cannot be vaped, CBD vape juice is an e-juice infusion ready for your CBD vaporizer. Even though the tinctures are not meant for vaping — and are actually dangerous to vape — most don’t include warning labels and are being sold in dropper bottles comparable to vape juices. In turn, it’s easy to mistake these products for vaping products.

So what’s the difference between CBD oil tincture and the CBD oil meant for a CBD vape pen? CBD tinctures are oil-based while the CBD-infused vape juice is vape liquid-based.

We’re going to go over those distinctions and everything else you need to know about vaping CBD in this article.

CBD Vaping Products

Some CBD products are made to be vaped. With this in mind, here are the two main products you can purchase to vape:

CBD Vape Juice

Also known as CBD vape oil, this product isn’t made with any oil, ensuring its a totally different product when comparing it to oil-based tinctures. Instead, CBD e-liquid is made with food-grade ingredients, enabling these CBD e-liquids to be taken orally. The ingredients in these products will generally include PG, VG, CBD extract, terpenes, and cannabinoids. If this is the list of ingredients you see on the label, it’s most likely perfect for vaping. However, if your product doesn’t highlight that it’s for vaping, e-liquid, e-juice, or vape juice on the label, don’t risk using it in your vape.

CBD Cartridges

If you’ve ever seen the THC oil cartridges on the market, CBD vape cartridges are somewhat similar. These cartridges are slim and disposable e-cigarette tanks containing CBD vape juice. Some of these cartridges will contain pure CBD distillate that’s created using CO2 or a solvent-based extraction method. Generally speaking, the cartridges are specifically designed for vaping. You’ll need to purchase a standard 510 battery and connect the cartridge to begin vaping CBD. While these are the most common type of cartridges, some of them are compatible with other popular vaping devices, such as the JUUL and other pod nicotine delivery systems.

CBD Vaping Doses

CBD dosages vary depending on a variety of factors. The person’s reason for treatment, tolerance, and body weight all comes into play here. Also, metabolisms and endocannabinoid systems vary from person to person, meaning the effects of CBD will vary.

The key to getting started with CBD vapes is to start out low and gradually increase your dose. Begin with a low dosage, perhaps 1 to 2 milligrams of CBD. Wait for around six hours before taking another dose. Each time you take a dose, increase it by 5 milligrams. Analyze how you’re feeling with each dose. Once you feel as though you’ve achieved the dose you’re comfortable with, continue applying that dosage over time.

Usually, between 10 and 30 milligrams of CBD per day is enough. However, for those treating pain and inflammation, 200 to 1,000 milligrams per day is not uncommon.

Side Effects Of Vaping CBD

High doses of CBD can cause drowsiness. However, low to medium doses tend to make users feel energized. Some people find the extent of their side effects include some euphoria, hunger, and red eyes when they vape CBD.

At this point, there isn’t a lot of research on vaping CBD. While some studies have been conducted, no conclusions have been made. During this study, the following side effects were revealed from CBD administration:

  • Anxiety
  • Appetite Changes
  • Mood Changes
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

While CBD can cause some side effects, comparing them to the side effects of many prescription drugs, CBD has relatively mild side effects.

Can You Overdose On CBD?

During a medical cannabis conference in 2016, The Americans for Safe Access made the following statement:

“To date, there has never been a single well-documented case of human fatality attributable to an overdose of cannabis or its components, and no experimental or non-extrapolated LD50 can be attributed to a toxic or lethal overdose.”

With this statement in mind, CBD is relatively safe. It would take a lot for someone to overdose. Thus, it would take a serious effort to ingest a lethal dose of cannabidiol.

Concluding On Vaping CBD

Recently, there have been six confirmed deaths connected to vaping in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control stated that no specific substance has been linked to all of these cases. In around 80% of these cases, the e-liquids contained cannabinoid products. However, these products were purchased off of the street as opposed to licensed and trusted businesses.

As we’ve seen recently, unregulated sources are distributing dangerous vaping products. With this in mind, always purchase your products from trustworthy businesses prioritizing consumer safety. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best vaping products the market has to offer and refuse to carry potentially harmful products.

Remember, vaping CBD can be nice, but don’t vape CBD oil tincture. It’s also dangerous to vape oils, and you’re likely to do more harm than good. Whether you decide you vape CBD or would prefer to use a tincture under your tongue, enjoy the host of benefits cannabidiol offers and stay safe!

Are There Other Ways To Use CBD?

If vaping isn’t for you, you can check out our article on how to use CBD. We cover a variety of ways to administer CBD, explaining the pros and cons of each method in-depth to assist people in determining which technique will work best for them.