CBD Skincare Products in a ‘Budding’ Market

After Research And Markets released its new report “CBD Skincare Market - Forecasts from 2020 to 2025,” it’s safe to say CBD will continue its upward trend in the skincare industry.

In 2019, the CBD skincare market was valued at $273.663 million. But this popular cannabinoid has only grown in popularity since.

Cannabidiol is making waves in the skincare industry as a naturally-occurring cannabinoid with a lot of potential to help with various skin issues. This is just one of the two most well-known compounds in cannabis, although CBD lacks the psychoactive characteristics of its cousin, THC.

CBD beauty products will not get you high. Instead, they can offer relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

While the most common way to use CBD is through ingesting it, topical application comes with its own list of benefits. Many CBD skincare products contain either vitamin A, E, C, omega-3 fatty acids, or a combination. But hemp seed oil offers comparable benefits. And with CBD potentially acting as a powerful antioxidant, there’s a good reason as to why so many people are turning to CBD creams and lotions.

Research And Markets’ forecast claims CBD offers several antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial for treating a plethora of skin issues. These include dryness, inflammation, free radical damage, acne, and more.

Instead of telling you why the CBD skincare market is expanding so fast, here’s what the research has to say.

CBD for Acne

Acne is an inflammatory condition that impacts the skin. However, since a variety of variables might trigger acne, the need for something that can be applied to reduce inflammation and soothe skin is capable of visibly decreasing breakouts. This, of course, includes acne-related redness.

In one study, the researchers highlight how important the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is to regulate a variety of body processes, including the maintenance of skin homeostasis, as well as barrier formation and regeneration. But the dysregulation of the ECS is connected to some rather prevalent diseases and disorders, including acne.

Since CBD stimulates the ECS, CBD skincare products could promote homeostasis in some parts of the body. This can include the skin, providing some possible benefits for skin prone to acne.

Another study shows that inflammatory skin disorders involve diverse pathogenic pathways and complex regulating signaling loops. It highlights that cannabinoids seem to push their properties on skin-related inflammation, depending on the dose, through receptor-dependent and -independent mechanisms.

Many studies highlight CBD skincare products as offering potential anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin. With this in mind, including CBD in lotions and acne creams could provide the calming effects acne-prone skin deserves.

707 Flora’s Daily Moisturizer Essential Hydration

CBD Skincare Product Recommendation for Acne

707 Flora’s Daily Moisturizer Essential Hydration is an excellent part of any skincare regimen. It has 30 MG of CBD working with other ingredients to increase skin hydration and regeneration while offering a soothing sensation.

Encapsulated Micro Algae improves this product’s effectiveness while delivering a synergistic effect to defend sensitive skin from external aggressors. Thus, it makes the skin stronger as it boosts the skin’s immune system.

This daily moisturizer also assists with free-radical damage, fortifying healthy skin tone and texture. It also works to soothe redness and sensitivity that could come with an acne breakout.

Empower’s CBD-Infused Soaking Salts are also great for soothing inflamed skin. These are especially effective due to a combination of Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Pink Himalayan Salts, and organic hemp CBD oil.

The soaking salts also have a proprietary blend of essential oils that offer full-body relief that soothes away tension without hesitation. For those looking for a peaceful night’s rest and relief from pain and inflammation, these salts provide top-tier relaxation. 

Hemp Beauty’s Just Chill Body Oil can also provide calming relief to inflamed skin. This product combines CBD with Apricot Oil and Vitamin E to lessen muscle tension, soothe skin, and reduce inflammation.

Before using any products on your face, make sure to do a test spot somewhere that’s not as visible. This is how you’ll ensure your skin reacts well to the product.

CBD for Wrinkles & Anti-Aging

Similar to berries, kale, beans, and other plants, CBD oil offers antioxidant properties. Since antioxidants administered topically can decrease the visible signs of aging, it makes sense why some creams and lotions include CBD.

Antioxidants counteract the free-radical damage. This damage is generally caused by a plethora of substances, such as alcohol, fried foods, pesticides, air pollutants, and other causes.

Photoaging, in particular, is the aging of the skin that’s dependent on the degree of sun exposure and the amount of melanin present in a person’s skin. Ultraviolet radiation can cause severe photoaging, resulting in wrinkles, mottled pigmentation, loss of skin tone, dryness, deep furrows, severe atrophy, and many other skin problems.

Many studies outline that antioxidant treatment can prevent the UVR-related oxidation of cellular biomolecules. However, this study examines how applying antioxidants long before UVR exposure offers photoprotective effects for the skin.

Free-radicals, regardless of where they come from, can damage components of cells as they steal electrons through oxidation. The cell parts receiving the most damage include proteins, cell membranes, and DNA. This in mind, antioxidants can significantly reduce free-radical damage.

In one study, researchers found that CBD is a neuroprotective antioxidant. These researchers examined the neuroprotective actions of this cannabinoid and other cannabinoids in rat cortical neuron cultures exposed to toxic levels of glutamate. After this analysis, they concluded that the cannabinoids prevented glutamate neurotoxicity and ROS-induced cell death.

Rather than eating a smoothie bowl or adding more blueberries to your diet, antioxidant-infused creams and lotions can make a world of difference. Skin problems like wrinkles, dull skin, and redness result from excessive free-radicals. And while CBD might not be the best antioxidant on the market, its antioxidant properties can contribute to a skin regimen beneficial to the skin.

Hemp Beauty Wake-Up Face Mist

CBD Skincare Product Recommendations for Anti-Aging

Hemp Beauty Wake-Up Face Mist contains 50 MG of CBD to refresh and energize the skin. This invigorating CBD face mist hydrates the skin, tones it, and tightens the pores. But it also offers protective properties.

This CBD face mist contains cucumber, ensuring users have vitamin C to wake the skin and folic acid to defend the skin from environmental toxins. It also has some witch hazel to help with blemishes and dark spots.

707 Flora’s Youth Boost Serum Fortifying Concentrate is also rather impressive for its anti-aging benefits. This product increases collagen production and offers skin moisture retention. With its full-spectrum CBD infusion, it fortifies microalgae and natural plant extracts to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting smooth and glowing skin.

For more CBD anti-aging products, make sure to check out Hemp Beauty’s Beauty Rest Night Elixir, 707 Flora’s Moisture Matric Regenerating Night Mask, and Bright Day Face Cream, as well.

CBD Oil for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin generally covers a multitude of skin conditions. These can include contact dermatitis, skin dryness, eczema, and others. Cannabidiol has been known to decrease inflammation, including but not limited to the rashes, irritation, and redness occurring on the skin.

Dry, sensitive skin can benefit from topical CBD application. While other dermatologist-recommended skincare products for sensitive skin are generally easily accessible, topical CBD creams could be worth a try.

Some people choose to add CBD to their current skincare regimen. For anyone interested in doing this, adding a single drop of CBD oil to the formula and applying it to the hand is ideal. This is how you check whether your skin responds well to it before using it on larger areas with more visibility, such as the face.

However, some prefer to purchase CBD skincare products. For those who would rather buy a product that’s already infused, here’s how you’ll choose the right one.

Facial Cleanser Rose Bergamot

CBD Skincare Product Recommendations for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs protection from free radical damage. Soji Health’s Facial Cleanser Rose Bergamot is specially formulated to ensure consumers experience the benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD.

This product offers as much as six times higher and immediate bioavailability when compared to other similar products. With this in mind, this facial cleaner offers cannabinoids combined with a variety of botanical extracts, essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids that contribute to the skin’s defense system.

Soji Health also offers its Body Oil Sweet Almond & Lavender. Besides smelling fantastic, this product is a wonderful dry oil that’s perfect for use after showering or bathing. It helps sensitive skin retain moisture, fortifying its defenses.

Kore Organic CBD Lotion is also an excellent option for applying CBD to sensitive skin. Besides being 100% organic and vegan, this lotion is a zero-THC product containing essential oils and all-natural ingredients.