Amazon application opening on a smartphone. However, it’s impossible to find high-quality CBD on Amazon.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal federally, CBD is growing in popularity. As a result, more people are looking for information about this cannabinoid than ever before.

While you can find CBD information in Google’s search results, much of this information lacks backing from reliable resources. Some of this misinformation has consumers turning to websites they’ve trusted for long before CBD became popular –– mainly, Amazon.

At this point, you’re likely looking for a source of CBD to try. If you’re anything like the vast majority of people, your go-to for most of your online shopping is Amazon.

Sure, Amazon CBD sellers might seem legitimate. However, these sellers will not provide you with the quality products you need.

It’s impossible to find the best CBD oil on Amazon. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect if you decide to buy CBD from Amazon’s sellers and what you should look for in a reliable CBD provider.

Can you sell CBD on Amazon?

The short answer is “no.” You can’t sell or buy CBD oil on Amazon. 

While some sellers claim otherwise, no one is selling CBD oil on Amazon in 2019. In fact, Amazon actually has an entire policy against the distribution of drugs that explains how products containing CBD are not welcome on its platform.

The Amazon drug policy highlights a list of unregulated and regulated substances sellers are forbidden from selling on its site. Since CBD falls into this list of Amazon restricted products, sellers technically cannot offer these products on Amazon. 

While the government no longer enforces federal prohibition, CBD is still a heavily regulated substance. So it’s not so surprising that Amazon restricts the distribution of products containing this cannabinoid through its platform.

According to Amazon’s Seller Central page,

“Drug listings must not be for controlled substances or products containing controlled substances, such as: Products containing cannabidiol (CBD), a Schedule I Controlled substance, including but not limited to: Rich Hemp Oil containing cannabidiol (CBD). Products that have been identified as containing CBD by LegitScript.”

Even if it’s legal, Amazon has no problem restricting the sale of any product, including but not limited to CBD. This opens the CBD industry up to a plethora of phony CBD sellers interested in capitalizing on these rules by using Amazon’s platform to fool consumers lacking insight.

Even though Amazon doesn’t permit the sale of CBD, plenty of look-alike products are for sale with a simple search for CBD oil for sale on Amazon. But is this really authentic CBD oil you can trust?

These sellers are doing everything they can to make their products seem legitimate. But since Amazon forbids the sale of CBD, what are these sellers really selling?

Hemp oil vs. CBD oil

Amazon still allows its sellers to offer hemp products on Amazon. This means sellers can still list their products by sticking “hemp seed oil” or “hemp extract” on the label.

But is CBD and hemp oil the same thing? Not even close.

Hemp seed oil and hemp extract aren’t the same as CBD oil. In fact, these extracts barely contain any CBD.

So is hemp oil a scam? Not if you’re looking for an oil low in cannabinoids.

While these hemp-derived products contain some cannabinoids, they don’t offer an effective dose of CBD. 

Take notice that these packages don’t include any information regarding the product’s CBD content on the label. This is a tell-tale sign that the product is meant to seem as though it’s teeming with the desirable cannabinoid.

Also, without a label, it’s impossible to know how much CBD these products have. So even if by the off chance the product you’re purchasing from an Amazon seller contains some CBD, you still won’t know what constitutes as an effective dose.

With this in mind, it’s safe to say these products will not provide appropriate CBD dosings. Instead, these sellers are hoping to cash in on the popularity of CBD with their sub-par product offerings.

Are Amazon CBD sellers hurting the CBD industry?

Yes. CBD sellers on the Amazon platform are damaging the industry by selling low-quality products. While some people have found success using CBD as an alternative treatment, appropriate dosing is a crucial part of achieving the best results.

Imagine you’re taking aspirin for a headache. However, instead of 200mg tablets containing aspirin solely, the seller gave you 200mg tablets cut with 198mg of flour.

Would you expect to experience the healing effects of aspirin in this instance? Of course not. 

This is the same scenario consumers find themselves in when they purchase fake CBD oil on Amazon. Except these consumers are unknowingly being given placebo-like products.

Consumers are purchasing fake CBD oil on Amazon and expecting results. However, without an appropriate CBD percentage, these products never live up to consumer expectations.

With this being the case, these sellers are discouraging potential CBD users by robbing them of an authentic experience. In turn, these potential consumers no longer believe in the power of cannabidiol, encouraging them to turn elsewhere for treatment.

Since Amazon doesn’t allow CBD sales, this platform’s sellers cannot provide consumers with the authentic CBD products they need. As you shop, keep in mind that true CBD products will include details regarding their CBD content and more.

What to consider when buying CBD oil

As you’re looking for your CBD products, there’s some information the seller should have readily available. Knowing to look for this information will ensure you’re purchasing top-tier products as opposed to phony infusions.

Since the market is mostly unregulated, CBD lab testing is one of the best methods of determining whether you can trust a brand. If the seller doesn’t offer a lab report, it’s unlikely they’re a reliable source of quality cannabidiol. 

The most reliable online CBD sellers will also have other information about their products. For example, at Spensry, we know our source of CBD is using sustainable growing practices. We also know about the extraction methods used to create our products, as well.

The information your supplier offers is essential because, as a reputable brand, they should provide consumers with insight regarding their products. You will not find this if you’re trying to purchase products through a hemp seed oil seller on Amazon.

So if you’re considering making a purchase from an Amazon seller, keep in mind their knowledge of the CBD used in their products acts as an indicator of whether or not they’re offering authentic CBD products. 

CBD oil on Amazon: Is it worth the risk?

Buying CBD from an Amazon seller is always a gamble because you never know what you’re going to get. It’s impossible to know how much CBD the product contains. With this being the case, one thing is a certainty: the products you find on Amazon will not offer enough CBD to give you an adequate dose.

A reputable CBD retailer will guide you along your CBD journey, providing you with information regarding the products they offer. We understand that making the right buying decision will ensure you have an authentic CBD experience. This is why we encourage the quest for CBD knowledge through our blog.

We also focus on selling natural, high-quality CBD that’s guaranteed by third-party testing to ensure quality. Whether you purchase our oils, vapes, edibles, or something else, you’ll always know what you’re getting when you shop Spensry.