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About the product

Usage & Effect

Relax - Calm your mind and body

Uplift - Elevate your mood

Focus - Improve clarity and brain function

Relief - Soothe pain and inflammation

Sleep - Peaceful night's rest

About the brand

Our Nurish gummies won best tasting CBD gummy from Edibles List in 2016. Our mission, from the beginning, has always been to deliver a quality CBD product that contains no harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Premium quality, maximum benefits, organic soil-based farming, refined to preserve the integrity of the plant & all natural ingredients which yields the cleanest form of CBD extract possible. We also source our hemp-derived cannabidiol locally and have organic ingredients in our products.

We're not just another "CBD brand." We are a lifestyle brand and we want to be able to be part of the journey for anyone that believes CBD not only help but enhance their life and to be able to incorporate it into their everyday regimen.

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