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About the product

Usage & Effect

Relax - Calm your mind and body

Uplift - Elevate your mood

Focus - Improve clarity and brain function

Relief - Soothe pain and inflammation

Sleep - Peaceful night's rest

About the brand

take a breath. find your happy place.

when the world around you is moving a mile a minute, sometimes you just need to hit pause. take a breath. find your happy place. wherever in the world that might be, breeze will help you get there.

the air we breathe should be safe. the CBD we use should be too.

the problem is there are so many CBD brands out there, it’s hard to know which ones are reliable and what actually makes them so. but it really comes down to two things: what’s in the pens and how the pens are made.

our premium vaporizers are produced with no diluents or “cutting agents” and have to pass tests for potency, residual solvents, mold, and heavy metals. each pen comes with a certificate of analysis from a licensed and certified testing laboratory. and our production facilities are all certified for good manufacturing practice.

at breeze we might go with the flow...but we never cut corners.

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