707 Balm Moisture Repair - 12mg


Select: 15 ml 0.5 fl oz
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About the product

Usage & Effect

Relax - Calm your mind and body

Uplift - Elevate your mood

Focus - Improve clarity and brain function

Relief - Soothe pain and inflammation

Sleep - Peaceful night's rest

About the brand

707 Flora
Based in Los Angeles and Humboldt County, 707 Flora is premium California-made beauty that delivers on the promise of advanced cannabis skin science. 707 Flora skincare uses the most diverse and exotic cannabinoids derived from full-spectrum hemp benefit to result in more vibrant, youthful and healthy skin. With absolutely no isolates, carrier oils or synthetics, 707 Flora’s dermatologist-tested formulations are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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