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About the product

Usage & Effect

Relax - Calm your mind and body

Uplift - Elevate your mood

Focus - Improve clarity and brain function

Relief - Soothe pain and inflammation

Sleep - Peaceful night's rest

About the brand

Lokus Nutrition

Lokus strives to have the most premium quality cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Our formulae undergo rigorous lab-testing to ensure maximum potency and consistency. There are many CBD oils available today, but with Lokus, you can rest assured that what you are ingesting is made of organic hemp seed oil and that our product is made right here in the USA. Every stage of the production process is met with tight quality assurance processes. Once harvested, our CBD is subjected to further quality testing before it is dried and sent to our CO2 extraction facility.

We employ CO2 extraction to gently remove hemp oil from the aerial (above ground) plant parts for a number of reasons:

  • By using CO2 extraction we are able to preserve the natural constituents, that should be present for hemp oil to work as nature intended.
  • CO2 is a natural molecule found abundantly in our environment. CO2 extraction means no harsh chemicals and no residual solvents.

After we have extracted our hemp oil it is again rigorously tested for pesticides, herbicides, fungi, mold, heavy metals and mycotoxins. We then blend our hemp oil extract with organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, and combine with other oils to create the Lokus blend, a robust true full-spectrum hemp oil that utilizes all of hemp’s incredible health-supporting constituents. Finally, we bottle our CBD at our state of the art GMP facility.

We firmly believe that our production capabilities in the USA and our total dedication to quality control is what sets CBD by LokusTM apart from all other producers of hemp oil products.

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